Will it be puppy love or catch scratch fever?

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Em-BARK-ing on more adventures in life and love –>

We’re two East Coasters, a guy and a gal who are both Tar Heel grads from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to be specific. We live in Los Angeles with our dogs and are part of a cool gang run by Michael MacDonald & his hound Tobey, where we hang out at dog-friendly watering holes like Angel City Brewery in #DTLA and Fat Dog in West Hollywood. We also enjoy traveling with our dogs and try to give them the fullest lives possible.

We’ve dated other dog people – just being one doesn’t make them nice or good people. So, we’re trying to be more open minded. Maybe we’re just missing something with other humans aligned with “the feline mystique”? Perhaps we shouldn’t just discount them as prospects because they like different cute living things with which to co-habitate?

We will each attempt to date a cat person and live to tell about it. “Crazy cat ladies” are already a thing in our society but trust us and The New York Times, there are crazy cat men out there too. Don’t you think it’s funny how some online dating sites are divided? — examples: http://www.meetcatlovers.com http://youmustlovedogsdating.com

Cue David Bowie, Modern Love:

It’s tough, especially in cities. You think you have more humans, more selection, but everyone’s neurotic. In our generation, you see so many people living on their own with an animal. It’s difficult to romantically trust other humans when there’s so much else to tempt them and of course- the internet.

Love relationships with humans are more dispensable now-a-days.  One thing that is not is the special bond we have with our dogs. It can be um-teen or even twenty some years a dog is there for us and that’s longer than most marriages survive, plus dogs don’t sass you like children do.  Is this how cat people feel too? We admit – we’re not even friends with too many cat people (aka “the others”) and haven’t really discussed their unique thing they have with their pets–

There has to be something to all those cute photos online of dogs and cats hugging it out, right?

People have been known to Brady Bunch their pets together…

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Still though–

Shout out to 40 Days of Dating who inspire us.

They show that dating is insane enough, before blending in beloved pets to the mix!

P.S. Isn’t it funny how dog ancestors, the wolves, probably helped the human population grow and prosper with their protection and now dogs help keep human numbers from increasing in the current day because they’re the new kids?

Relationship Status: It’s Compli-CAT-ed